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Olive tree / Olea europaea





Olive trees watch and buy in our shop

- Olea europaea -

in all varieties, sizes and ages

All prices are including free kerb delivery!


We only use well in containers ingrown plants and olive trees which:

Were allowed to acclimate for the winter garden under glass and interior

Olivenbaum im Wintergarten modern bepflanzt botanic-international


Olive trees are usually purchased on the basis of their trunc structures while most of those old specimen are over 100 years old. Some olive tree exemplares are also available with an age of over 500 years.

But beware - some olive trees are advertised at up to 1,000 years old. Especially, if this Olea origins from Spain, it´s a fact that this cannot be correct, because the Oleas on the Iberian Peninsula had only been planted since about 500 years.




We have the following categories as olive trees in our shop:


- Olea sizes from 150 - 300 cm, but jounger exemplares

- Olea sizes from 200 - 350 cm, but older exemplares

- Super NEW in europea actually Olea europaea `Horizontalis`  


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 Olivenbaum Karlsruhe pflanzen freiland Deutschland


olive tree planted outdoor in Karlsruhe



 olivenbaum in PE-terragefaess kl


Olea europaea in a pastery shop, Nürnberg



New Olive trees to buy 2012 !

olivenbaum olea europaea gesamtbild 250


Original plant (Olea europaea) is provided with guarantee numbers!
Minimal 2 years in Central Europe (Belgium) acclimatized!
Wintering in the greenhouse below -10 °C!
That does NOT mean that the plants are all winter hardy, but they can stay relatively long outside in fall.
2011 for example the Oleas in Germany, Switzerland and Austria could have remained outside until Christmas!
And in climatical mild areas with some protection (see our frost protection cable) also completely outside!



Number examples:


                        Olivenbaum kaufen mit Garantie Nummer    Olea europaea kaufen mit garantienummer



Of course we have also smaller olive trees in our offer !


Olea europaea kugel hochstamm 180 T 70     Olea europeae kugel hochstamm kl   



If you cannot find anything, please send us an email !


With a selection of nearly 800 olive trees

we are sure to find any olea tree for you,

matching your taste and desire !







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