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Plant frost protection




Buy Plant frost protection

Antifreeze Cables for exotic plants to overwinter

In the spring when planting olive trees, palms and other exotics: laying the antifreeze cord around the plant into the soil !

Meanwhile, it has gotten around that special palms fig trees, olive trees and some other sub-tropical plants can be planted out well all year long in mild areas in Germany!

A big help are our winter frost protection heating cables!

Frost protection cords for plants in the offer as follows:

Super easy to install and to wind up on the plant

For root sensitive plants such as olive trees and palm trees, inserted in the ground together with the root ball

Power cable length to 160 m is possible!

Choose from standard sizes or they can be cut to your desired size by us

Plug-in ready heating with integrated thermostat !

For additional charge supply with a CH-type plug possible !

This frost protection cable switches on automatically below + 4 ° C and prevents frost damage to the palm trunks, roots and plant parts.

     Just compounded on measure:



Frostschutz Olivenbaum Botanic international

Frost protection cables tailored to size and placed in the soil for an olive tree, near Karlsruhe.





 Olivenbaum Karlsruhe pflanzen freiland Deutschland


Olive tree outside near Karlsruhe



 olivenbaum in PE-terragefaess kl


Olea europaea

inside a confectionery in Nürnberg



Buy antifreeze cable to protect some exotic plants in winter - Go to the Shop !

Olive tree with antifreeze cable protection in the earth / roots - South Germany


Various lengths are available as standard or

you order the desired size directly from us via mail or telephone.

Olive trees with frost protection cable around the roots.


Olivenbaum Karlsruhe Deutschland

More technique info about the frost-cable ( in german ) !

More descripton about the frost-cable general ( in german ) !

Buy new Olive trees 2012 !

olivenbaum olea europaea gesamtbild 250


Original plants (Olea europaea) are provided with guarantee numbers!
Minimal 2 years in Central Europe (Belgium) acclimatized!
Wintering in the greenhouse below -10 °C!
That does NOT mean that the plants are all winter hardy, but they can stay relatively long outside in the fall.
2011 for example the Oleas in Germany, Switzerland and Austria could have remained outside until Christmas!

In climatically mild areas with some protection (see our frost protection cable) the plants can stay completely outside!

Number examples:

 Olivenbaum kaufen mit Garantie Nummer      Olea mit GarantienummerOlea europaea kaufen mit garantienummer



Of course we have also smaller olive trees in our offer !



Olea europaea kugel hochstamm 180 T 70     Olea europeae kugel hochstamm kl   



If you cannot find anything, please send us an email !

With a selection of nearly 800 olive trees,

we are sure to find something for you -

exactly matching your taste and desire !




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