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Winter garden plants / Winter garden greening



Buy plants for winter gardens

Delivered up to 2.5 m completely planted !


All prices are including delivery to the kerb !


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The winter garden planting is one of our main issues.


Over 500 green conservatories are our reference.

A distinction is usually between :

- Subtropical, Mediterranean conservatory

- Tropical conservatory


wintergartenbegruenung tropisch botanic-international kl


The subtropical winter garden is planted with Mediterranean plants. However the conservatory in winter must have a temperature drop between 5 ° and 14 ° C. ( See also Mediterranean plants )

Since this lowering the temperature are meeting only few conservatories, because mostly they are permanently heated greenhouses, here is usually just a tropical vegetation in question.


Olivenbaum Wintergarten Bodenpflanzung botanic international 


 Orchideen in Bananenblattgefaess bueropflanze


Orchids, delivered ready planted



 ginseng ficus microcarpa rezeption pflanze


Ficus Ginseng



On soil bed in the conservatory and general planting, irrigation and technical details in a glass house, we have published a separate reference book!


- See bound reference book ( in german ) -



`Grün im Wintergarten - von Anfang an richtig eingeplant !`


For the quick reader or on-line readers, we have all shown shortened to e-book.

3-part e-book on the subject of "greening in the winter garden"


wintergarten modern mit Olivenbaum           Olivenbaum im Wintergarten modern bepflanzt botanic-international

The best way is to send us some photos with the situation of planting or greening and we make some photo montages for you with possible plants and pots - photo montages

First photomontage on the left as a CAD / Second photomontage on the right before planting


Wintergartenbegruenung Vorplanung        wintergarten bildmontagen botanic-international   


Finished greened conservatory / photo below


   Wintergarten hochbeet subtropisch begruent


More references about winter gardens and conservatory companies ( landscaping and planting )
you can find here with a direct link to the respective companies !


Photo gallery with some picture - here







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