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E-Books - "Green inside the winter garden / Conservatory"



eBooks ( written in german )

"Grün im Wintergarten von Anfang an richtig eingeplant"

This 3-part eBook (in german) is only here from us and our partners exclusively available from 2,95 €!


Part 1 : Wintergärten - Die Planung

Eload 24 - view and order

Ebook Wintergarten Planung Teil 1

Part 2 : Wintergärten - Die Technik

Eload 24 - view and order

Ebook Wintergarten Technik Teil 2

Part 3 : Wintergärten - Die Pflanzen

Eload 24 - view and order

Ebook Wintergarten Pflanzen Teil 3

Benefit from them in over 30 years experience

Ornamental plants and conservatory greenings

Or order the bound textbook! It contains over 140 pages with great illustrations and examples of different wintergarden solutions with their greenings and plants.

 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica tree

- Foyer --



 Veitchia palme kl


Veitchia merillii palm

- Wellness -

The best way is to send us some photos of the situations to be planted, and we create on the basis

of your images and photos montages of possible vessels and plants.


Wintergartenbegruenung bei Heilbronn


But the best is:

We send you Europe-wide to kerb plants ready planted in the vessels !

According to the motto:

Accept it - arrange it - ready !



    Croton in seaside smoke gefaess       cycas revoluta fiberglas pflanzgefaess weiss am klavier



 You will find over 50 plant-vase-combos in the plant shop ready planted to buy!


ficus im victoria hotel        Areca lutescens Palme Gastromiepflanze luxemburg        Sanseveria micado in cubico weiss bueropflanzen




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