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Interior greening / Indoor landscaping / room plants



Indoor greening and planting europewide

Plants for commercial and private projects

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       Interior greening in fashion boutique with palms up to 3 tons and 11 m high !





Tamarinde Indica

Planting in Foyer

of a company





Ficus Ginseng

Plant in Hotel




Interior greening / Planting palm for a stairway




 Interior greening with tropical plant like Ficus microcarpa Bonsai


Interior greening / Greening meeting room


Ficus_pandurata_office_plant_shop_online_buy    Yucca_rostrata_conference_room_pot_of_wood_online_plantshop   



Interior greening / Big Bucida tropical tree in atrium and entrance hall







Indoor and outdoor greening / Planting atrium with subtropical plants







Interior greening / Planting Olive tree in gastronomy / Italy









Cacti greening / Planting cacti and succulents in gastronomy / Berlin




Interior greening / Planting Olive tree in gastronomy / Germany




Indoor and outdoor greening / Tropicla plants in orangery

Example orange tree in Versailles planter

Olive tree planting in ground

More to orangeries :

      orange_tree_versailles_pot_orangery    olive_tree_orangery_planting


Interior greening / Landscaping inside a winter garden - conservatory

Special subtropical plant is a Olea horizontalis !

more to winter garden plants :

more to winter garden in general :



 Olive tree planting in ground of living room of modern conservatory

      olive_tree_planting_bottom_living_room_conservatory    olive_tree_conservatory_living_room_buy_online



Tropical exotical plants in a conservatory of a private house

Indoor landscaping in a conservatory or wintergarden / glass house

With Ficus plants, cordyline, Philodendron, Eriobotroya and many other tropical plants !



Interior greening / Greening private / Planting of companies /

entrance hall / swimming pools / hospital / center / club / hotel / motel /

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