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Project hospital / clinic


Bucida buceras

`Black Olive`

Realisation april 2011

  • Clinic greening:
  • Tübingen ( Germany )
  • Planting of a tree, bucida buceras in hospital.
  • Bucida buceras especially the variety 'Shady Lady' is currently a popular plant. This tree can be grow up to 12m !

  • They are good plants for foyers, halls, fairs etc.
  • The name `Black olive`is not right, because this plant do not stay in family with the olive trees real. The name was merely because the black fruits a little bit looks like a olive fruit.
  • The fruits develop in the interior areas seldom

Bucida buceras Shady lady klinik


  • First reference and projects specially with this bucida buceras tree you find here on this site.



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 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica as tree in foyer



 Veitchia palme kl


Veitchia merillii palm in wellness zone

Black olive - Bucida buceras `Shady Lady`- Clinic greening

Bucida buceras treppenaufgang

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Butia capitata Palme in Holzkuebel           cycas revoluta fiberglas pflanzgefaess weiss am klavier



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