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Project Quercus suber in office building 2015


Quercus suber

Cork Oak

Building of administration


      • Greening of entrance hall
      • Germany
      • Planting of Cork oak with a large of 13 meters.
      • Cork oak - Quercus suber - we know all this tree. Because it is the bark of the tree we know as the bottle cork.
      • The cork oak trees are very impressive, especially in old age with strong stems and are very bizarre with coated cork.

      • Botanic International importiert die größten Korkleichenbäume aus Spanien und Portugal und aklimatisiert diese entsprechend
      • Botanic International imports the largest corc oak trees from Spain and Portugal and acclimatized them accordingly order to be 1-1.5 years later put under glass in this building.

      • Ceiling height 17 meter


Verwaltungsbau West raumbegruenung


  • Such large trees for planting in interior spaces must be planned well in advance and the time of aclimation least 1 year.
    After that, a good quality and very good growing can be assumed.

  • Indoor - indoor plant landscaping, foyer plant, plant or tree in the room here would be a good motto

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 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica as tree planting in foyer



 Veitchia palme kl


Veitchia merillii palm in wellness zone


Montages can advance to the builders and the architects

a first impression of the planting of large trees provide indoors.


Cork oak, Quercus suber, as an example in greening the first animation



Glass foyer - entrance hall - green - Administration


Korkeichen baeume Verwaltungshalle

Vegetation management - Indoor

Begruenung West


The best way to send us some photos of the situations to be planted, and we create them on the basis of their images and photos montages of possible vessels and plants.





But the best is:

We send them  in the vessels ready to be planted - europewide !

According to the motto:

Get it - put it - ready



Butia capitata Palme in Holzkuebel           cycas revoluta fiberglas pflanzgefaess weiss am klavier



You will find over 50 vascular-plant-combinations as an example in the plant shop !

Ready planted to buy!


Buchskugel in lechuza        Areca lutescens Palme Gastromiepflanze luxemburg        Ficus pandurata office plant



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