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Photo montages with plants



Photomontages of plants

How does your vascular plant look at it´s future place of destination ?


Send us photographs !


Also CAD´s can be edited.

Let us know about the boundary data of the future plant site like :


Room temperature

Light conditions

Spatial relations


No matter wheather office greening, conservatory greening, hotel greening, swimming pool - landscaping or just a single situation to be planted !

See the examples below before / after

left photo photographed empty or neutral / right with plants photomontage

 Becken ohne Pflanzen  Bethesda Becken mit Bildmontage Pflanzen

Photo below - ready planted original

( You can buy the Ficus combination in anthracite in the shop )

ficus microcarpa dreiergruppe bethesda stuttgart

 Other examples of photomontages before / after - scroll down



 Olivenbaum Karlsruhe pflanzen freiland Deutschland


Olive tree outdoor planted, Karlsruhe



 olivenbaum in PE-terragefaess kl


Olea europaea in a coffee shop, Nürnberg


Some more photomontages with plants / examples

Luxembourg conservatory planted with Sanseveria laurentis.

Left photo montage of plants / right photo planting done in the orignal


Sanseveria Bildmontage Galerie Wintergarten Luxemburg        Sanseveria laurentis Wintergarten luxembourg


Lobby greening of a winter garden and door manufacturer in the Saarland

Left picture initial state / Central plant photomontage idea / Right photo final version of greening


TEBA Ausstellung alt     TEBA Ausstellung Bildmontage virtuell     TEBA Hermeskeil neu begruent Ausstellung

Winter garden planting near Passau / first plant-assembly in the conservatory CAD

First picture CAD plant-photomontage


Wintergartenbegruenung Vorplanung Botanic International


Second picture CAD plant-photomontage in existing raised bed and conservatory


wintergarten bildmontage botanic international

Third picture / Photo of the finished planting in the winter garden

Planted with Orange tree, Lemon tree, Olive tree, Strelitzia and Kumqut tree


Wintergarten hochbeet subtropisch begruent


You want to get photomontages of plants and greenings -

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