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Office greenery / Plants and containers for offices



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The easiest way for greening a hotel :

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The best vascular plant combinations and hotel plants to buy.

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Sanseveria in pot of steel buy online this combination in plant shop


Ficus microcarpa Ginseng

on reception

The best way is to send us some photos with the situation to planting or greening and we make some photo montages for you with posible plants and pots -photo montages


Interior landscaping must be easy to maintain but nonetheless be attractive. Office vegetation is confronted with very dry air especially in winter when the heating is turned-up. One must be careful not to make the mistake of over watering. These plant-pot-combinations are usually planted in containers with drainage and only need watering (depending on plant) between twice weekly or once a month.

Plants in conference-room / Yucca rostrata in pot of wood


Individual plant and container combinations are available all year. We deliver the desired combination in climate-controlled vehicles that protect the plants during transit, summer or winter. ADVANTAGE: one can order a combination of plants and containers that only need to be delivered, positioned and finally watered. In many cases we produce, at no extra cost, photographic illustrations of the proposed internal landscaping from client-supplied imagery.

The best of our service :

We send you plants already planted in the containers - Europe-wide !

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Receive it - Arrange it - ready !

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You can find more than 50 hotel / office plants as an example in the plant shop ready planted to buy !

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