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Winter garden / Conservatory general



All about the winter gardens / conservatories

Plants for winter garden - Books for plant ideas - seminars and workshops

Winter garden references - Companies for conservatories



- Since 1989 we are greening some of 500 - 600 conservatories

  Examples of conservatories with our plants you find here

- We work always together with the client and construction companies.

- Wintergarden-companies with our projects ( conservatories ) you find here !

- Our photomontages for a better understanding of plant and space  

You can see here

- Our specialist book with 100 Photos ( written in german ) and the title:

 `Green inside the conservatory - From the start of planning`

  Subject of the book you find here

  Buy the book - here

- Plants for winter garten / conservatory you find here or

  directly in our plant shop

Palmen vor Wintergarten Aussenbereich Antwerpen

Greening and plants for all situations

Pflants for atrium, winter garden - conservatory, glasshouse,

company, foyer, hotel, staircase, pool and pool hall...

Ask us via mail !


 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica als Baum gepflanzt im Foyer



 Veitchia palme kl


Veitchia merillii Palme im Wellnessbereich


The best way is to send us some photos with the situation to planting or greening and we make some photo montages for you with posible plants and pots - any of this photo montages


Hanfpalme im Wintergarten Stuttgart


The best of our service :

We send you europe wide* the plants ready planting inside the pots !

                                                                        According to the principle:

Take it - Put it - ready !


Araucaria am Hotelaufzug Hotelpflanze           cycas revoluta fiberglas pflanzgefaess weiss am klavier



You find some of 50 plant-pot-combinations for example in our plant shop ready planting to buying !


ficus im victoria hotel        Areca lutescens Palme Gastromiepflanze luxemburg        Veitchia palme im wellness hotelpflanze




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