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Plant protection



In this shop you will find all the plant protection you need to care for your plants!
Fungicides for fungal infections, weeds and moss.
Everything against insects and mites,  fighting snails and ants.
Repellents for mice and other small animals.

But also fortifying products for plants, soils and fertilizers, composting aids.
Tree care products, sprayers, etc.
There are pesticides of known brands such as Neudorff, Celaflor, Roundup, Lizetan from Bayer and many others available here.
Also Biological phytosanitary also can be found here !

Just have a look on our plant protection division just by clicking on the banner !

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 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica as a tree planted in a foyer



 ginseng ficus microcarpa rezeption pflanze


Ficus Ginseng at the rezeption

Phoenix roebelenii doppelstamm-botanic international


Our great plant service :

We send you plants ready planted in the pots Europe-wide to kerb !

According to the motto :

Receive it - Arrange it - ready !



Croton in seaside smoke gefaess           cycas revoluta fiberglas pflanzgefaess weiss am klavier



You can find more than 50 hotel / office plants as an example in the plant shop

ready planted to buy !



ficus im victoria hotel        Yucca rostrata in holzgefaess konferenzraum pflanze        cycas in lechuza cubis bueropflanze




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